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Resetting and Re-skilling teams for 2021

Resetting And Re-Skilling Teams For 2021

It is now one-year post-pandemic and the world is still in a state of shock. Many organisations have still not returned to the workplace and are struggling to identify what the “new Normal” looks like.

Of course, we have dealt with disturbances previously, both market and global, but nothing has ever caused such an impact with effects that have been felt at every conceivable level worldwide.

The coronavirus pandemic has reached almost every country in the world and has left national economies and businesses counting the costs, as governments struggle with new lockdown measures to tackle the spread of the virus. Despite the development of new vaccines, many are still wondering what recovery could look like, but one thing is certain. There is no returning to “Normal” and up-skilling for organisations is essential.

Some organisations have decided to make their “team working from home” permanent and most have stayed with some of the working week now conducted remotely. So, what is next? Organisations world-wide agree on one thing. Employee support and upskilling is paramount and remote learning is the most efficient and economical way to achieve it. This means that if you weren’t considering eLearning as a tool for developing your people pre-covid – you should be now.

Let’s examine why?

  1. Access and convenience: Anywhere, anytime learning.
    With so much change and ambiguity in life and work, it is essential that training material is easy to access at a time and place that suits the learner. With so much learning required, the focus needs to be on the learner experience and making this the best it can be.
  2. Bite-sized and relevant
    ELearning allows for information to be delivered in an interactive and informative manner via both auditory and visual modes with the ability for the learner to review/revisit as many times as they like, or, more importantly, whenever they need the information.
  3. Customised and standardised
    Targeted learning objectives with content that is contextualised for people improves uptake and learning and delivers exactly what your organisations requires. All team members receive the same information and rapid authoring tools which make it simple, and affordable to update and improve current material.
  4. Economical
    After an initial investment in eLearning (which is now much more affordable due to rapid authoring tools) you have a structured and consistent message for your teams which will aid in skill development, prevent future issues caused from lack of information/knowledge and negate the need for continual face-to-face training and on-boarding. This will also prevent the worst case scenario which is, having team members who are forced to navigate learning needs to find the information for themselves from wherever they can.

So ask yourself:

  • Are your teams sufficiently supported with their learning needs?
  • Do your people have the skills and knowledge needed to move forward in 2021 and beyond?

Maybe eLearning can assist.

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