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Leadership Essentials Program

On-going professional development for your leaders



Leadership Essentials is a 12 month blended learning program for leaders which includes any (or all) of the following:   

– eLearning, micro, and m-Learning, webinars, videos on relevant development topics such as; communication, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Psychological Safety, Coaching etc.

(you choose the topics – we include them in the program)

– Workshops as short, long or as often as you wish

– on-the-job projects and activities which are role role related to form part of BAU

– coaching

– peer support (if required).

You choose from our extensive library and we can tailor to your requirements.

Regular, on-going development and coaching

On-going development, support and practical application to ensure true behavioural change.
12 Month program consisting of regular Micro-learning for consolidation of methodologies.
Monthly individual coaching and progress/catchup discussions.
Coaching from internal leaders and Brilliant Teams coaches.

Leadership tools/templates provided for one up supervisors

Tools/templates provided for learners and their supervisors for coaching conversations and tracking of projects.

Program workbooks, leadership journal or app for self-reflection and recording of activities.

Individual and team measurement

Commencement benchmark assessments and surveys conducted for initial ratings and regular re-assessment and review of progress /improvement to measure ROI.

Combination of apps/surveys and quizzes.

Learning anywhere, anytime

Spaced / chunked / micro learning available anywhere, anytime.

Your LMS or ours.

Module material based on positive psychology, evidence based research and contemporary practices.


Who is the program designed for?

The Leadership Essential”s Program is designed to assist new and emerging leaders with the leap from being team member to team leader.

They may be progressing from team member to team leader, or they may have some supervisory requirements added to their current role which requires them to continue to complete individual tasks in addition to leading a team.

What is included in the program ?

The program is made up of modules which you select consisting of:

Workshops (one every two months – or your choice)

eLearning – micro modules/ videos

coaching – one 30 minute progress check / coaching session every two months.

on-the-job projects and exercises designed in consultation with leader.

Leadership journal / app for reflection and tracking

on-line quizzes / surveys for benchmarking reports.

How long does the program take ?

One month up to twelve months – you choose!

The standard program is 12 months with monthly topics / projects and up to four workshops per year. 

The program consists modules which can be tailored to suit and are spaced out over a year to allow for shorter learning time and maximum uptake and skill development.  This means less time off the job but greater learning.

Do I need a Learning Management System (LMS)?

No – your teams can access materials on-line through the Brilliant Teams website or we can link to your LMS.

How much is the program?

The program is based on tiered options of basic, intermediate and gold and the total cost includes costing for up to 40 participants. We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost.


*Limited places and conditions apply so call to discuss now.


Multi-modal - spaced micro learning and on-the job projects to aid uptake and retention.
this is what creates change.

We have the basics which you can choose from and then tailor to your requirements. 

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel – just modify it slightly!

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