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Leadership Training and Development

The greatest investment any organisation can make is investing in the leadership skills of its people. Giving your leaders the skills to develop "Brilliant Teams" will ensure your business success.

Can you afford NOT to develop your greatest asset?

We can help you do it effectively and affordably.

About our Leadership Training and Development

We can develop whatever you want but we have a few great options to start with and build upon.
To achieve results it is essential to address adult learning principles and we recommend that leadership Training and Development programs include the following:

We develop to meet individual needs by working with our clients to select from our library of learning and leadership essentials and contentualise into what is needed.

We have THOUSANDS of topics and content options and pull from all of this to develop what you need.

The human brain can only process and retain a certain amount of information so we recommend:

  • Modularised content in the form of small “Learning Bites” which all combine over time to deliver knowledge on all of the essential leadership skills and knowledge your people need which is then combined with on the job practical skill development.

Effective learning is easily available to the learner anytime, anyplace, on any device so that it is EASY. 

we work with our clients to meet their technical and audience requirements which can be as simple as paper or as complex as the latest technological tools available.

All of our learning is SCORM compliant which means it can be built and put into any Learning Management System (LMS) system or accessed via internet.

This give accessibility and convenience to your learners.

Humans are social creatures and only some skill development can take place on-line.

The addition of other modes of learning, including some face to face learning, discussion and practical skill development can assist with cementing new knowledge and skills.

We develop all options and this can be tailored to requirements and used effectively when required only to minimise cost and maximise development and ROI. 

We can help with options on how to get this fine line right for your people and your organisation.

Leadership Essentials Program

On-going professional development for your leaders


Leadership Essentials is a 12 month blended learning program for leaders consisting of: 

– eLearning, micro mobile learning, webinars, videos 

– Workshops as short, long or as often as you wish

– on-the-job projects and activities which are role role related to form part of BAU

– coaching

– peer support (if required)

you choose from our extensive library and we can tailor as much, or as little as you like for an investment you won’t believe.

Regular, on-going development and coaching

On-going development, support and practical application to ensure true behavioural change.
12 Month program consisting of regular Micro-learning for consolidation of methodologies.

Coaching from internal leaders and Brilliant Teams coaches.

Leadership tools/templates provided for one up supervisors

Tools/templates provided for learners supervisors for coaching conversations and tracking of projects.

Workbooks and Leadership Journal for self-reflection and recording activities.

Individual and team measurement

Commencement surveys/ assessments conducted for benchmarking and regular review and assessment of progress/improvement to measure ROI.

Combination of apps/surveys and quizzes.

Learning anywhere, anytime

Spaced / chunked / micro learning available anywhere, anytime.

Based on positive psychology and evidence based research.

Multi-modal - spaced micro learning and on-the job projects to aid uptake and retention.
this is what creates behavoural change.

We have the basics which you can choose from and then tailor to your requirements. 

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel – just modify it slightly!

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