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ILT to eLearning conversion involves transitioning traditional instructor-led training materials into digital formats. 


We specialise in converting traditional instructor-led training (ILT) materials into engaging and interactive eLearning courses. Our goal is to help you transition your training materials to a digital format, allowing you to reach a wider audience and reduce the time and cost associated with in-person training.


We understand that every organisation and training program is unique, which is why we offer custom solutions to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you have existing ILT materials that need to be converted or you need help developing new eLearning content from scratch, we can help.

ILT To eLearning Conversion Solutions


We specialise in ILT to eLearning conversion solutions by transforming traditional in-person course material into engaging and interactive eLearning courses.

ILT to Elearning

Custom eLearning Solutions


Custom eLearning Solutions craft personalised online training tailored to specific objectives and organisational needs. Our custom eLearning solutions encompass comprehensive needs analysis, collaborative content development, interactive multimedia integration, and ongoing support to ensure tailored solutions that align with your organisational goals and deliver impactful learning outcomes. 

Custom eLearning Solutions

Rapid eLearning Solutions


Rapid eLearning Solutions refer to the fast development of custom online courses. Our rapid eLearning development services include efficient content creation, streamlined design processes, and accelerated review cycles to meet tight deadlines while ensuring high-quality outcomes. 


Corporate eLearning Solutions 


Corporate eLearning Solutions enable employees to quickly and effectively learn new skills and knowledge. Our corporate eLearning solutions include comprehensive needs assessment, custom course development, interactive learning modules, performance tracking, and ongoing support to ensure effective learning outcomes aligned with your organisation’s goals and objectives.

Collaborative Approach

eLearning Localisation 


eLearning Localisation involves adapting online training materials to suit different languages and cultures. Our eLearning localisation services include translation of course content, cultural adaptation of visuals and examples, customisation of learning materials to meet regional preferences, and quality assurance to ensure consistency and accuracy across different language versions.

Translation and Localization

Game-based eLearning Solutions


Game-based eLearning Solutions incorporate interactive gaming elements into educational courses to engage learners. Our game-based eLearning solutions involve immersive storylines, interactive challenges, real-time feedback, and progress tracking to create engaging learning experiences that promote active participation and knowledge retention.

Gamification Solutions
Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Solutions


Flash to HTML5 Conversion solutions entail transforming Flash-based content into HTML5 format. We guarantee a seamless transition with our conversion services, converting your Flash-based content into eLearning HTML5 courses to ensure compatibility with contemporary devices and browsers.

Legacy Content Conversion Solutions

Legacy Content Conversion Solutions involve updating outdated training materials into the latest eLearning formats. We enhance your legacy content by transforming your old format materials into modern, accessible eLearning formats, thus enhancing relevance and usability.

Legacy Content Conversion Solutions

Contact us to discuss your unique ILT to eLearning conversion needs or to develop new eLearning content from scratch.


When it comes to converting ILT to eLearning content development, here are the reasons why you should choose us:


Our process for ILT to eLearning conversion is designed to be comprehensive, collaborative, and results-driven, ensuring that your training materials are effectively transformed into engaging and interactive digital learning experiences.


Content Analysis:

We meticulously review your existing ILT materials, identifying key learning objectives, and then create a structured outline for the eLearning modules. Our instructional designers further enhance the ILT materials by integrating various forms of media, including images, videos, audio, and animations, into educational materials to enhance learning experiences.  


Content Development:

We use advanced eLearning authoring tools to create interactive and engaging content, incorporating multimedia elements and interactive assessments to enhance the learning experience. Our developed eLearning courses offer seamless functionality and a user-friendly interface across a range of learning management systems (LMS).


High-Quality Content:

Our quality team also conducts rigorous testing to guarantee optimal functionality and user experience of eLearning courses. Additionally, we ensure compatibility with various devices and platforms, enabling learners to access the courses seamlessly across desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Contact us today to learn more about converting your ILT training materials into engaging eLearning courses. 



We specialise in providing tailored eLearning content development services in Australia, catering to diverse industries and organisations.





Finance and Banking

Finance and Banking

Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing and Engineering

Retail and Hospitality

Retail and Hospitality



Government and Public Sector

Government and Public Sector

Nonprofit Organizations

Non-profit Organisations

Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics


We offer various learning approaches to meet diverse preferences and learning styles. Our goal is to engage individuals, enhance knowledge retention, and promote effective learning.

Here are some types of learning solutions we provide:

Compliance-based Learning

Compliance-based Learning focuses on regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures relevant to specific industries or fields of work. Our compliance learning courses are designed to ensure that learners understand and comply with relevant regulations, policies, and industry standards through engaging eLearning courses and assessments.

Simulation-based Learning

We offer various learning approaches to meet diverse preferences and learning styles. Our goal is to engage individuals, enhance knowledge retention, and promote effective learning.

Micro learning

The micro learning modules are designed to offer concise and targeted learning experiences, tailored specifically to the needs of modern learners in bite-sized formats.

Blended learning

Our Blended learning seamlessly combines traditional face-to-face instruction with e-learning courses to ensure learners benefit from a flexible and interactive education.


Learners can access and engage with eLearning content at their own pace and convenience, enabling them to balance their studies with other commitments and responsibilities. 

Converting your ILT training materials into eLearning courses allows you to achieve desired outcomes by making training more affordable and accessible.

Our e-learning courses possess scalability, ensuring effective handling of increasing demands or growth without compromising performance or quality. 

Our eLearning courses are equipped with robust tracking and reporting features, enabling you to monitor learner progress, identify knowledge gaps, and assess the effectiveness of your training initiatives effectively.



Brilliant Teams’ customised learning solutions exceeded our expectations. They understood our unique requirements and designed a comprehensive, industry-specific training program. The blended learning approach, combining eLearning modules and hands-on workshops, provided both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The results were remarkable—higher employee engagement, improved performance, and a positive impact on our bottom line. We appreciate Brilliant Teams for their expertise, professionalism, and dedication.


General Manager

Leave all the stress of Training to eLearning conversion to us. Here is how we can help!

powerpoint to elearning


Our PPT to eLearning service customises presentations into engaging, interactive, and multimedia-rich courses, enhancing the learning experience.

ILT to Elearning


ILT to eLearning refers to the process of converting traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT) programs into interactive and digital eLearning modules.



Storyboarding involves creating a visual outline or plan for an eLearning course or multimedia project. Our storyboarding service enhances your project with visually compelling narratives, improving communication and providing a clear roadmap for seamless project development and collaboration.



A voice-over service refers to a professional offering where a narrator’s voice is recorded to provide audio for various media productions such as videos, presentations, and eLearning materials.

Elearning Accessibility


Our Custom Content Development service is focused on designing interactive activities, creating customised gamified learning pathways, and implementing feedback mechanisms to incentivise learner participation and progress.



Translation and localisation involves professionally converting content from one language to another while also adapting it to fit the linguistic, cultural, and regional preferences of the target audience. Our translation and localisation service achieves this by employing experienced translators and localisation experts, conducting thorough linguistic and cultural assessments, providing accurate translation and adaptation of content, and ensuring consistency and quality across all language versions.


Here are some tips for converting instructor-led training (ILT) materials into eLearning courses:

By following these tips, you can create an engaging and effective eLearning course that meets the needs of your learners and your organisation.

Partner with Us for ILT Content Conversion

Contact us for ILT content conversion to dynamic eLearning courses tailored to your needs.

    FAQs - ILT to eLearning conversion solutions In Australia

    What is ILT to eLearning conversion?
    ILT to eLearning conversion involves the process of transforming traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT) materials into digital, interactive eLearning content that can be accessed online.
    What is Instructor-Led Training?
    Instructor-Led Training (ILT) refers to a traditional form of learning where an instructor or trainer delivers course material to learners in a classroom or face-to-face setting.
    What tools are commonly used for ILT to eLearning conversion?
    Commonly used authoring tools for ILT to eLearning conversion include Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora Inspire. These tools offer features for creating interactive and engaging eLearning content.
    Can I convert existing ILT materials or do I need to create new content?
    Yes, we can convert existing ILT (Instructor-Led Training) materials into eLearning courses. However, some level of customisation and updating is necessary to ensure the content remains relevant and engaging. It is also possible to create new eLearning content from scratch, using a combination of existing materials and original content.
    How long does it take to complete the ILT to eLearning conversion?
    The duration of the ILT to eLearning conversion process typically takes from 7 to 9 weeks. However, this timeframe can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the content and the level of interactivity required.
    What is the cost for ILT to eLearning conversion?
    The cost for ILT to eLearning conversion services typically ranges from $100 to $150 per minute of converted content. This cost can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the content, the volume of materials to be converted, the desired level of interactivity, and the extent of customisation required.
    What types of ILT materials can be converted to eLearning?
    Any type of ILT content, such as presentations, manuals, guides, and workshops, can be converted to eLearning. The crucial aspect is to ensure that the content is appropriate for digital delivery and engagement.
    Can ILT materials be customised to my organisation’s needs?
    Yes, we can customise ILT materials to align with your organisation’s needs. Our ILT to eLearning conversion service ensures that the eLearning courses are tailored to meet your specific requirements, including branding, learning objectives, and preferences.

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