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eLearning and Digital Learning Strategy

An effective Digital Learning Strategy and Custom eLearning design approach will allow effective development and delivery of learning which results in increased uptake, retention and skill development whilst maximising ROI for your business.

We can help with MORE ACCESS but LESS COST.

Talk to us about your needs and let us design a strategy that will suit.  As basic, or as technical as you like.

Custom eLearning designed, cost effective eLearning

eLearning modules which are engaging, targeted and interactive provide the most convenient and accessible form of learning for learners to access when and where they want.

Our eLearning modules are:

  • designed by professional instructional designers, Graphic artists and eLearning developers with extensive experience in on-line and mobile learning development.
  • SCORM compliant so they can be used in any Learning Management System (LMS)
Custom Elearning Design, Blended Learning Solutions

Blended Learning Solutions

Blended learning solutions are programs which include multiple delivery modes for the learner.  This is to provide for individual learning which is convenient and accessible and face to face learning when required.

We design engaging and interactive learning programs utilising:

  • eLearning modules or “Learning Bites” –  to allow for “chunked” learning of smaller pieces of information. This aides understanding and retention and regular updates of information.
  •  Face-to-face workshops to encourage networking, interactivity and practical skill development for “deep dive” experiential learning.
  • Selection of additional curated learning of free reading material, videos and Ted Talks to supplement developed content.
  • workplace development activities/projects: on-the-job learning with mentoring.
  • Social Learning and forums which are held via webinars or LMS.


Custom Elearning Design, Blended Learning Solutions

Why Blended Learning Solutions?

Flexible and Efficient

blended learning solutions provides the option of combining different delivery methods to maximise effectiveness and availability. 

Content to deliver knowledge can be delivered on-line via eLearning/ video/ podcasts/webinars or reading and complex topics that require skill development can be delivered face to face to ensure networking, practical application and skill development.

Cost Effective

Maximising your choices of delivery result in increased ROI and reduced cost due to the targeted application of different modalities.

Some topics and content require face to face but others are more suited to individual learning and this results in increased learning uptake and skill development while saving on costs.

Tailored Learning

Blended, or modularised solutions offer the ability to develop the perfect program for individual and organisational needs.

Choose relevant material and methodology for delivery.


We have a huge library of topics for “ready made” or “tailored development” or a combination of both!

Your choice.

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