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Benefits Of Outsourcing Learning Development To Maximise ROI

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Learning Development And How To Maximise Your ROI

If you need training or eLearning development done quickly or have a learning/leadership program that has been on your “to do” list for longer than necessary, it might be time to consider outsourcing.

With recent events forcing a move to on-line learning, most organisations have had to move a large portion of corporate training on-line. This combined with “business as usual” training, may be causing a “bottleneck” in your training development pipeline. If this is the case it may be the time to consider some options to assist your learning team who are probably understaffed, and overwhelmed, due to COVID 19 which has forced everyone to become reactive, rather than pro-active.

What you need to consider for learning development:


  • Timelines: Can your team really build a course in three weeks? Or a leadership program in two months? When was the last time that your L&D team or eLearning developer had time to focus on one project and leave everything else?
    • Reduce delivery costs with online learning.
    • Utilising specialist skills (without the overheads of staff numbers).
    • Ongoing relationships: working with one supplier can ensure they have an increased knowledge of your business but are only utilised when needed.

RISKS and what you should consider

  • Cost – it’s more expensive than having my team do it.
  • Quality – a potentially poor standard.
  • Lack of understanding of your business.


You can mitigate all of these by:

  • Cost comparison: compare the cost realistically with the inclusion of timeframes (which often blow out), wages and oncosts.
  • Speak with providers and ask for contacts you can speak with to confirm previous work standards.
  • Ask for examples of previous work.
  • Getting a fixed price and timeline for your project.
  • Paying final invoice after completing the project.
  • Starting off with a small project and if you are happy with quality and service maintain an ongoing relationship on an “as needs” basis. This way you have the experience and resource without the overheads.

So – ask yourself:

Has this learning need been on the “To Do” list for an extended amount of time?
Is it likely that my learning team will be able to focus exclusively on getting it done within an acceptable timeframe?
Do I need to try outsourcing?

You might be surprised by the benefits and improved outcomes.

So …. What are you waiting for?

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