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About Brilliant Teams

We're passionate about developing people.

The key to organisational success lies in developing skilled, motivated people and effective team work is at the heart of this.

We partner with you to give people the tools, skills and knowledge to be the best version of themselves. 

How does it work?

  • utilise the experience of specialist learning and development professionals without the expense of a full time role.
  • Purchase a learning package or a one off solution or training course
  • Outsource to specialists so your learning team are not overloaded and can get on with business as usual.    (We’ve done this a few times so we can start immediately and complete quickly)

We build your learning while you build your business.

Why us?

We have over twenty years experience in training and eLearning development and we now partner with organisations to assist.

(When you do something often enough you become good at it).  We have the technical know-how and practical skills to deliver fast and effective.

Quality that is affordable

Training needs assessment, development and implementation that is FAST

We partner with our clients to make it easy and our solutions are:

based on psychological methodologies and principles which target behavioural change

aligned to adult learning principles

PRAGMATIC and engaging!

Our solutions are:

Our Expertise

In order to provide effective solutions for our clients all of our consultants must have:

Technical Ability

Tertiary and/or post graduate qualifications

Practical Experience

10+ year experience in Snr Management roles

Exceptional Customer focus & Passion

Gained from life, and work experience

Our team have over 40 years combined experience in their relevant specialties which include practical and managerial experience in:

Learning and development

Organisational Development

Human Resources

Coaching and Mediation

We deliver adult learning solutions to solve your challenges and support your people through change. We provide the tools to assist your people to be able to do more with less.

Our Experience & Qualifications

What our clients say..

What we say..

Technical Ability

Tertiary and post graduate qualifications

Practical Ability

Work experience in senior HR & learning roles within the industry

Exceptional Customer focus & Passion

Gained from previous life, and work experience

Why outsource Learning?

You and your teams are BUSY so it makes sense to outsource to specialists for some of your bespoke requirements and allow your people to do what they do best… run your business! 


We have extensive technical and industry experience so we can deliver quality – fast.


Our guarantee is to deliver:

increased quality

decreased development time. (we've done this many times before - and for your industry)

introduction to "best practice" initiatives and solutions gained from extensive experience and research.

All of our consultants have gained their skills and expertise by working in roles within their relevant fields and have industry knowledge and experience to ensure that they can accurately assess and develop effective (and pragmatic) solutions. 

Whatever your learning or capability need – We can help.

Reach us with your project details and let us offer some solutions.

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